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Pop Up Video

Encyclopedia Article

Encyclopedia Britannica - Password provided during presentation

( hint: Use for facts relating to songs lyrics or information relating to a musical instrument)

Biographical Info.

Gale Biography in Context - Password on p.7 of Agenda

(hint: Use for information regarding artist or specific people)


(hint: Use this site to find out who wrote a song.)

Newspaper or Magazine

Gale Student Resources in Context - Password on p.7 of Agenda

(hint: Use for most current information about events or general info.)


Evaluating a Website-

Who created the site? (are they respected in the field? try googling the author's name.)

When was this information published? Is it likely that things could have changed since publication?

Are multiple sources referenced or cited?

Are multiple viewpoints represented?


Some books from Rising Starr's Media Center

Selected Bibliography